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The Monkey and the Crocodile

The Panchatantra were meant to teach valuable life lessons to children through stories and verses.  Although this story is meant for kids, it provides some valuable lessons that can be applied to everyone.

Morals of the Story:

Choose your friends wisely – People who are loyal to themselves, who are not influenced by other people’s thoughts, make for honest friends. Being surrounded by such people will be good for you.

Keep your wits about you – There is no person more valuable than one who can react promptly and accurately at the trickiest of times.

Know your rose-apple tree – The rose-apple tree signifies your strength. Knowing your strengths, both personal and professional, will help you contribute constructively, making you sought after and earning you respect.

Be careful while sharing information – There is a thin line of difference between knowledge and information. While sharing knowledge is good, you have to be very careful about what information you share.

There are bigger fools than you in this world – Do not be hesitant in speaking up, or presenting your thoughts to others.

Daisey Ansen, a Summitways Highschool volunteer, is showcasing her drawings and video creation talents in this beautiful story!

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