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Mical - A Success Story

This film summarizes the reasons why I founded Summitways Organization.

The story about Michael is very touching and realistic. He had a loving mother that helped him to get through his issues. He became extremely successful, going on to Law School, and founding Nessy Learning. His story is very close to mine in many ways. Like Michael, I strive to help others to overcome the complexities of reading for dyslexics.

I grew up using Nessy almost every day; today, I am pursuing my goal to get admitted into the college of my dreams, I still use Nessy; however, this time as my support tool to tutor kids when they need reading support.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of stigmatizing and lack of awareness around dyslexia. I founded Summitways to support all dyslexic kids, but mainly the ones that come from underserved communities. Sometimes, they do not even know their learning differences can be helped or 'fixed'. They do not have the money for therapies, educated parents, software accessibility, special tutorings, etc. Summitways support kids K-5 to learn reading for free.

Thank you Michael, Nessy Learning Founder, for all of your hard work. You have inspired me to raise awareness and help dyslexics overcome their obstacles.

Enjoy the film!


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